School Shop Online

Schoolshoponline is an easy to use online platform designed to streamline parent's interaction with schools. It is a one stop shop that reduces the burden experienced by parents and schools in providing student needs and related services. 

Tuckshop / Canteen

The Schoolshoponline Tuckshop / Canteen is a solution for schools to give parents the option of ordering meals online from the school canteen. The service is free to the schools and is funded through a small surcharge on users as they place each order.


Schoolshoponline offers a Uniform Shop that makes it easy for schools to set up their Uniform shop online. We offer a friendly integrated online solution, which allows schools to gradually move their Uniform shop online.


The Book Shop solution is a free service for the school to sell their books online. The service is funded through a small surcharge on users as they place each order.


Schoolshoponline makes it easy for schools to set up their Stationery shop online. 

Facilities Hire

 Simplify your Tennis Court and other facilities hire by setting it up online.

Contributions and Fees

 Make it easier for parents to pay their contributions and fees online.

Tuition Fees

 A simple online solution to paying and collecting tuition fees.

Computer Hire

Schoolshoponline makes it easy for schools to set up their Computer Hire online and it is Free to the school. 

School Events

School Events is dedicated to providing schools, P&Cs and event holders with a simple and practical Online solution for events registration, ticketing and access control. The events site will reflect your school’s logos and colours.

School Online Solutions

Schoolshoponline - Modular Online Solutions

We understand from experience that shopping online is the perfect solution to allow parents to improve their experience when managing financial transactions with schools.

We offer a friendly integrated service that allows a school or the P&C to move their shops online at their own pace.

It is FREE for the school.

The service is funded through a small surcharge on users as they place each order. Schools can opt to absorb these costs.

There is no term contract for schools or parents and/or minimum transaction.


Online orders are sent directly to convenors who have full control of their own system environment.

Parents can place notes and specific instructions against each order to clarify their needs.

Reduces the need for volunteers who may not always be able to make their shift.

Minimises paperwork and cash.

Reduces the amount of work for the convenor as all the orders can be printed out on one sheet or individual order forms.

Schoolshoponline will soon launch its economic Parent – Teacher Interview management calendar.

We already provide online solutions for tuckshops, uniform sales, book sales, event management and money collection, fund raising, contributions and fees payments and facilities hire with more to come.

We are always adding to our solutions as we progressively introduce new and innovative services to our already comprehensive list to make it easier and safer for schools and P&Cs to interact with parents and students.

Check back here regularly to experience the new services as we introduce them.

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