Free Trials


See the benefits of Schoolshoponline with a Trial Site or Active Demonstration

Schooolshoponline offers two simple, no risk, ways to test our system.

Use our Interactive Demonstration

If you would just like to see our system in operation, you can visit our demonstration site, which has all the characteristics of a real school, including the ability to make mock purchases. You will be able to see the site from a parents or coordinator's viewpoint and see how simple the system is. Simpy register for a demonstration using the link below and we'll send you an access code so you can register as a parent and / or coordinator.

Create a No-obligation Live Site with Your School Artwork and Menus

Nominate your school, provide us with your details and artwork and we will create a site with your school credentials so you can see how our system works in real life. Register for a Demonstration

A  no-obligation trial site is a working site with your school branding. You display and sell your own products using a fully operational site to which you can enter your own menus with our easy-input system. Many schools choose to conduct a trial with just a few participants to get the feel for it.

For people wanting to gain support from the P&C, P&F, School Board, Teachers and other groups, having a trial site allows them to get on and test which is a great way to overcome any concern.

Next Step

Once the decision is made to go ahead, a user agreement is signed. A link to the site is then added into the school’s web site and is ready for use. Being in the school's web site means the school can post messages about launch activities. 

Final Launch

Launching your eShop can be as gradual or as fast as you like. Some schools just start with a small group then begin sending notes home one class at a time to build up the user numbers. Other schools wanting to solve their issues faster can launch the whole school at the same time with notes going home, emails and messages on their web site. Our service team will work with you at whatever pace you choose.


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