Student Benefits

Student benefits

  • Students will be proud that their school is a technologically progressive school.
  • Students can discuss their choices with parents at home and at their leisure.
  • Without the use of cash, School shop online solutions reduce anxiety to find the exact amount of cash for day to day school purchases.
  • Risks with carrying cash associated with personal safety and loss are minimised.
  • Parents may choose to allow their children to order to their own requirements through this system.
  • Less time is spent waiting in line while other children choose items, find money in pockets and wait for change to be delivered. This allows for more interaction time with friends during breaks.
















Schoolshoponline will soon launch its economic Parent – Teacher Interview management calendar.

We already provide online solutions for tuckshops, uniform sales, book sales, event management and money collection, fund raising, contributions and fees payments and facilities hire with more to come.

We are always adding to our solutions as we progressively introduce new and innovative services to our already comprehensive list to make it easier and safer for schools and P&Cs to interact with parents and students.

Check back here regularly to experience the new services as we introduce them.

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