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The online Canteen allows your parents the choice to pick out which meals their children eat while in school. Aside from getting better nutrition, your students are less susceptible to bullying because of paperless transactions.

Parents access the site from the link pasted into the School Website. Once they have completed the simple registration form, they will be issued with a parent account (eWallet) that they can choose to activate by simply depositing funds. Parents can place an order for multiple students and multiple meal sessions for one fee per order rather than incurring fees for each student or meal. Parents can choose to pay by credit card, PayPal or eWallet. The school has the option of absorbing fees or passing them on to the parents.

The Tuckshop coordinators can choose to allocate a Green, Amber or Red health icon to each product and obtain a report on those sales.

What We Offer


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We offer some of the most advanced features in our canteen online solution and some features are way ahead of their time.

  • Synchronised Front Counter Solution

  • Advance reporting and Analytics

  • 100% secure.

  • Minimal equipment required.

  • Integrated inventory management.

  • Daily Order and Meal Plan options for students’ meals.

  • Fee is 20 cents per Order Per Family Per Day (regardless of number of children & meals)

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