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  • Managing Director: Dion Devow
  • Address: Level 1, 189 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000
  • Phone: 1300 055 298

Dion Devow, Managing Director

Schoolshoponline is a very professional and quality company that has delivered services for a number of projects that I have been involved with over the past 5 years. I was previously a member of the National Indigenous Education Consultative Board that provided advice to DEEWR and Prime Minister and Cabinet.

My experience with SchoolShopOnline has been very positive and I have found this company to have the capacity to work relationally with a diverse range of stakeholders from all parts of Australia. SchoolShopOnline coordinated online activities for government, schools and communications (including remote communications) to ensure deliverables were met to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

I was particularly impressed with their capacity to engage with diverse groups and include their perspectives in the final products they delivered. Many projects at national level encounter numerous issues with IT solutions and it is to the credit of SchoolShopOnline that no-one talks of any such issues.

I would commend SchoolShopOnline to any organization seeking a quality IT development provider.