Sports Organisation

This is an integrated registration and payment system for sport organisations. Parents will be able to register their children to their chosen activities, pay the relevant fees, buy the necessary apparels, and even keep track of their upcoming events all in one virtual space via an internet connection!

Convenient Registration

Parents can register your students in their desired sports classes, events, and trials anytime, anywhere

Online Fees Payment

Parents can pay any regional or district fees that might be involved with your student’s sport through quick and easy online transactions.

Accessible Uniforms and Equipment

Parents can buy uniforms and apparels relevant to your student’s sport.

Extensive Reporting

Highly accurate and extensive reporting can be designed according to your school’s needs to make auditing easier than ever before.

Front CounterSolution

One unified system for physical Front Counter & online shops Keep track of all your stocks and accounts.

Quick Events Tracking

Parents and students will never forget your school’s big game days when you post your sporting events online.


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Student Enrolled


Years of Experience


Exelent Courses


We offer best and possibly some features which are way ahead of their time, we have a few listed below.

  • 100% secure.

  • Minimal equipment required.

  • Integrated inventory management.

  • Daily Order and Meal Plan options for students’ meals.

  • Fee is 20 cents per Order Per Family Per Day (regardless of number of children & meals)