Point Of Sale (Front Counter)

Shop Implementation and Management made simple Combine your online and physical shops into one easy-to-manage system.

Online Point of Sale (Front Counter)

The PoS and online eStore systems (such as books and uniforms) are managed from a single administration module. There are no duplicate entries and management efforts. Reports provide a view of the split of sales and the inventory module will be updated regardless of whether the sale is made online or at Point of Sale.

One Unified System

Product management and inventory system for both online and physical school shops are seamlessly combined in one place for easier tracking.

Better Ordering Program

Parents can now pre-order your student’s essentials and have them delivered on a later date.

Extensive Reporting Plan

Highly accurate and extensive reporting can be designed according to your school’s needs to make auditing easier than ever before.

Easier and Quicker Accountability

Improve your shop’s accountability with daily balance reports that you can view, download, and print anytime.

Advanced Accounts Management

Parents and students with online accounts can buy from the shops using approved payment methods.

Low Cost

No set up fees are given for schools who want School Shop Online as their system.
A set maximum charge of 1.5% of transactions.




The online Point of Sales system makes it easier for your school to implement and manage both your online and physical shops. Reporting and inventory of stock is catalogued into one system for better accounts accuracy.

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