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Coordinators can easily create an event using our Online Events tool. They can allocate as many or as few tickets as they please and can also have multiple ticket prices. They can also choose to limit sales to registered parents or make them available to the general public. General public do not have to register to buy tickets.

Have us create your Seating Event

We offer a choice of booking solutions that can suit any type of event you do. These can range from simple events that require standing room only to complex events that require multiple venues, dates, seating areas, and table managements. Ticketing solutions are also provided depending on your events’ needs. This includes creating multiple ticket types, classes, and prices. Our solution provides your school with a stand-alone portal that is branded with your school logo, name, and colours. It already comes with tools to help you create your event as well as market and sell your tickets online. Services like guest registration, online & offline sales, e-ticketing, promotions, and discounts are also available in the portal.

Venue Booking

Create your events in one or more venues for one or more dates with no problems.

Online & Offline Sales

Compile both online and offline ticket sales information in one place for easy inventory.


Reporting provides all the information you need regarding events and ticket sales for quick and easy analysis

Online Registration

Save effort and time by giving parents an online ticket purchasing choice for their children’s school events.

Seat Management

Conduct easy seat management to ensure all guests and participants are accounted for and comfortable during the event.

Promotions & Discounts

Easily implement ticket promotions and discounts through the system.

How it Works?

With this service in place, you’re in charge of everything! The integrated online events management system lets you define as little or as much detail as you need in a simple, easy-to-follow process. You won’t need any IT skills for this!


No set up Fees

We charge (our fees) one party only (parents or school)

This can amount to $000’s in cost savings to the schools

Events and eFundraising

Fees: minimum 27 cents plus GST or 1.5% plus GST on Total value of transaction

Online Payment options - Merchant Fees will apply if paid with debit or credit cards:

On Account/eWallet: NIL

Debit/ Credit card: 30 cents and 1.5% inc. GST

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Coolum State School

Coolum State School Carnival


Camphill State Infants and Primary School

ADCG Annual Fashion Parade & Ladies Light Luncheon


Oakleigh State School

Oakleigh Family Movie Night 214


Oakleigh State School

Oakleigh Dads Night 2018 Term 4

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