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Our solutions will revolutionise your operations. You will have an online and eCommerce presence that will improve:

  • Your customer's experience - by providing them with a 24-hour shopping service.

  • Your organisation's operational performance - by streamlining your activities and providing real business analytics and insights.

  • Your organisation's financial outcome - by reducing your cost through automation.

  • Your organisation's security - by removing cash on site.

We will ensure you have the best support behind your organisation

Our Focus?

To provide your parents and students with convenient and accessible solutions for all their school needs.

For Schools

Delivers affordable online solutions for small, medium, large Schools, P&Cs and Sports Organizations. Our solutions put you in control from beginning to end.

Our solutions allow your parents and students to do their shopping anytime, anywhere.

For Parents

Our various services make shopping for your children's uniforms, planning their daily school meals, getting tickets to their events super quick.

Services are available all the time at any location as long as you have internet access.

For Our Partners

Schools and sports organizations around the country are collaborating with us to get you the most accessible, low cost, but effective solutions & services you need.

What We Do For You

Our aim is to give you access to critical infromation of the School that the child is going to. To allow parents, our clients, to see deeper into what is happening at the school.


Put up your existing school canteen / tuckshop menu online in an interactive site and manage orders online while reducing staff/volunteer workload

Uniforms Online Shop

Create, maintain, & manage your shop with an integrated Online & Point of Sale system

Events Online

Create, manage and maintain your events (including seated events) online. Guest can purchase tickets without having to register.

Fundraising Online

Organise fundraisers in one place for easier tracking. Create more accessible and convenient donation channels for your students and their parents.

Point of Sale (Front Counter)

Unify your physical school shops and online shop for tracking of stocks and acounts through an integrated online solution.


SchoolShopOnline has created an eLearningplace facility where schools place their class (Home) lessons and academic activities online.

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