SchoolShopOnline gives Schools a simple personalised and customised internet presence that will provide parents with online access to Fundraising, Events and Sports.

The benefits of using SchoolShopOnline include:

  • Easy process to order online.

  • No need to register to buy tickets

  • All transactions are handled and completed in a secure environment.

  • Manage your details and access all your transaction history online at any time.

  • The online modules are simple for parents to use and are very user friendly.

  • Parents can access the system using the latest internet browsers or smartphones.

We ensure you will have the best support behind your organisation

User Friendly Solutions

There are many user-friendly Solutions available for you to choose from. Each campaign will look new and unique to help users differentiate the causes they wish to support.

Open 24/7

Parents and other users can buy raffle tickets and donate to each of your campaigns anytime, anywhere since the system is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Time-Efficient Process

Fundraising organizers no longer need to collect and collate each individual raffle sheet. All reports can be printed with just a click of a button.


  • 100% secure.

  • Online and Offline processing capabilities.

  • Unified System in place.

  • Flexible accounts & customer management.

Convenient Ticketing Scheme

Parents and other users can purchase and donate to chosen fundraising campaigns at their convenience. Fundraising organisers can instantly get online orders and reports so less paper work is needed.

Safe, Cashless

All raffle and fundraising transactions can be done online with the use of appropriate payment methods, like the eWallet.

Better Community Involvement

The Fundraising integrated system is linked back to your school’s website, making it highly accessible and easily shareable to your entire school community.

News & eFundaraising

Below are our current events.


Coolum State School

The Bendigo Bank Colour Run


Caloundra State School



Rainworth State School

Rainbow Carnival All Day Ride Passes.


Craigslea State School Raffle

Craigslea State School Raffle

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