What We Do

We are a full service school software provider

Our capabilities are focused on schools and our client list has included schools across the nation. For some, we provide the full gamut of services, for others, we provide for their specific needs on a project basis. For that reason, we have structured the business to reflect these demands. SchoolShopOnline is one of the only online ordering system suppliers that does not request long term contracts with its schools. We believe in ensuring each project is Easier, Faster and Better and find no need to demand contracts. SchoolShopOnline is the information gateway, covering all e-commerce transactions and solutions. Under SchoolShopOnline are various modules - Tuckshops, uniform sales, book sales, event ticketing, facilities booking, contributions and payments and online point of sale software.

Simple Control and Management

SchoolShopOnline’s technology has been built to make us Easier, Faster and Better to deal with. Transactions are conducted directly between the school and the parents. The school has full access and control of their own ‘system’ environment. Most functions can be managed online by the coordinator of the product or service. This includes, but is not limited to, products, prices, reports, inventory, events, facilities and other day to day management functions. SchoolShopOnline only controls those functions necessary to ensure security and assistance so in, most cases, the School coordinator can create their own products and services without any need to go through us.

Great service delivery

In addition to being service driven attitudinally, SchoolShopOnline implements best practice systems for ensuring the delivery of our products and services. From taking an order, the approval processes, production safeguards, financial accountability and reporting, legal and ethical compliance, to whatever else our clients’ particular requirements may ask of us, we are committed to delivering systemised processes that lead to client satisfaction.